Optimising Google Pages

The Challenge

Having a fully-optimised Google page is a key factor in search engine ‘findability’.

Whether it is your Google+ page, or your Google My Business page, there are steps you must take to to have these fully optimised.

These pages should not be overlooked; Google places great store in them and as you will see from the example below, a case study we are currently remedying, they do get a lot of visitors and are a great place to put out a really positive message about your business and services.

Another important factor to note is that these are always a work in progress; it is never a case of update the pages once and then leave them forever; you have to do the updates to keep them relevant and lively – and to check that your company hasn’t attracted any unwanted bad publicity or reviews.


The Solution

We have been helping clients claim and optimise their online assets since 2009 and the work we have carried out has been instrumental in these companies maintaining their high ranking positions on Google and has undoubtedly helped them ride the 2008 downturn. Now that the financial tide is turning, they are seeing increased enquiries, which will lead to increased business for them all.

Optimising your online assets is only one of a raft of services offered by our sister company Glass Frog and is an ideal complement to the Google Maps Business View Photography Service that Newcastle 360 offers.

Case Study


The ‘Unoptimised’ Page


Newcastle360 was working with a large company, recording their business for Google Maps Business View.

As part of our due diligence process, we came across several Google pages that had been ‘claimed’ by the company. All of them were unoptimised and had a fairly neutral impact on the business’ search engine and popularity ranking, but one page in particular (images on the right) was not only poorly optimised but also contained a really bad Google review for the business.

The worst part was that the page had been viewed by almost 40,000 people. Imagine; 40,000 people seeing this review that really castigated the company!

People will talk and are likely to pass negative reviews on to their family and friends and it es estimated that each person has a ‘sphere of influence’ of 67. Effectively 67 people who would receive the information that a person passes on to others.

Do the math: 36,000 multiplied by 67 equals 2,680,000.

That’s 2,680,000 people who potentially have seen this complaint. 2,680,000!!

Would it put you off from doing business with this company?

We are now working to remedy the problem.

And that’s not all. You have to monitor Social Media, directories, forums just to make sure that only positive messages are allowed to circulate.

No matter how good you are, you will invariably have a customer who is unhappy. Unhappy customers, if not managed properly can do some damage to company online, so it is important that when you find a complaint, you acknowledge it and respond to it.

Responding to and remedying a complaint is the only way to go.

If the complaint is justified, sort it; if not put your point of view and explain the facts fully – it will win over customers and the fact that you have dealt with the problem shows that you really do care about your customers.